Enhancing Efficiency: Retrofitting Industrial Buildings with Modern Heating Systems

Retrofitting old industrial buildings with modern heating solutions is a crucial step toward enhancing energy efficiency, sustainability, and employee comfort. By understanding the importance of retrofitting and the advantages of modern heating solutions, businesses can make informed decisions that not only improve their operational efficiency but also contribute to global sustainability efforts.

What is retrofitting? 

Retrofitting involves adding new features and technologies to old and historical buildings, to improve their energy efficiency, employee comfort, and overall sustainability. Retrofitting can involve anything from replacing light bulbs with energy-efficient options to more extensive deep retrofits such as more modern heating systems. 

Why modernising and retrofitting heating systems is important.

With a projected 40% of global greenhouse gasses coming from our built environment, conversations around modernising the infrastructure of our built environment are mounting. Many industrial units operate with old, and often inefficient heating systems, exacerbating environmental issues whilst also leading to internal cost inefficiencies and uncomfortable, often cold, working conditions for workers. To address these challenges, businesses should consider retrofitting their heating systems.

Benefits of upgrading heating systems

Reduced emissions 

As businesses make decisions around moving towards net zero or reducing their carbon emissions, retrofitting heating systems could be a move towards improving overall sustainability. Newer heating systems often have higher efficiency ratings, meaning they’re able to convert more energy into useful heat with less waste and in a more targeted way, allowing businesses to reduce their overall carbon footprints.

For example, our ultra-efficient RHeco range of suspended gas-fired unit heaters is ideal for organisations looking to move towards carbon efficiency. With a thermal efficiency of 98% at full load and up to 109% at minimum load, businesses can lower their operational costs whilst reducing emissions and ensuring improved heat distribution. Find out more here.

Long-term costs savings

Whilst there is the initial investment to contend with, retrofitting can lead to significant cost-savings long-term. With non-renewable energy prices often turbulent, upgrading to more modern heating solutions with higher energy efficiency ratings can support businesses in saving money long-term on heating and operational costs.

We have partnered with energy technology expert Pilot Group to enable owners and operators of Reznor heating products to optimise their use of HVAC equipment. With Pilot Group’s EMS saving companies an average of 43% on their energy bills each year, the collaboration will provide businesses with a comprehensive, cost-effective heating system which can be controlled via smart technology. Find out more and download our brochure. 

Increased property demand

Retrofitting a building can help enhance the value and appeal of a property for prospective buyers or renters. By retrofitting units to have more modern heating solutions, new occupiers won’t have to utilise resources upgrading infrastructure. Additionally, the building will be more attractive to tenants who prioritise sustainability and lower utility bills.

Improved comfort 

More modern heating systems can help to improve overall employee comfort and well-being. Not only can spaces be warmer, improving winter working conditions, but improved airflow and consistent temperatures can help to prevent problems to the building structure such as dampness and mould, which can further damage employee health.

Choose Reznor for your retrofit

Discover our range of commercial and industrial heating products, designed to enhance your energy operations and improve employee and customer comfort. 

Radiant Heaters

Ideal for large spaces such as warehouses, factories and workshops, our range of high-efficiency radiant tube heaters delivers exceptional performance in terms of efficiency and reduction of energy costs.

Nor-Ray-Vac (pictured above) is a gas-fired continuous radiant tube heating system, designed specially for the building it is required to heat. Find out more.

Warm Air Heaters

Suitable for large buildings such as warehouses and industrial workshops, our Warm Air units are designed to deliver outstanding energy efficiency, performance and economy for reduced operating and life cycle costs.

Our Photon range (pictured above) is our latest generation suspended gas-fired unit heater, designed to deliver outstanding energy efficiency, performance and economy for reduced operating and life cycle costs. Find out more.

Air Curtains

Great for retail environments or commercial premises, our over-door heaters support environments where footfall is constantly changing, helping to provide a comfortable environment for customers and employees. 

Our AB range of industrial air curtains (pictured above) delivers a powerful barrier of heated air across open doorways to stop indoor heat from escaping. Find out more.

Are you looking for a bespoke industrial heating solution?

If you’re looking for something more tailored, we have a highly experienced team of in-house designers and engineers who can adapt our heating solutions to meet the unique needs of your business. Request a bespoke design for warm air heating in your space, which include drawings, quotes and a site visit if applicable.

Got a question? We’re here to support the HVAC industry, visit our FAQ’s area and discover some of our customer's most asked questions. 

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