Case Studies

Audi Case Study

West London Audi is the brand’s premier showroom in Europe. However, the entrance is exposed and every time the doors are opened cold draughts sweep in and heated/conditioned air escapes. Reznor provided a powerful and highly effective solution to ensure a warm welcome for customers and comfortable working conditions for staff.


Derby Football Club Case Study

Reznor designed and integrated a new, heated concourse for Derby FC, which is thought to be the first one in the UK. It has received a very warm welcome from fans, with the club receiving some very positive feedback verbally and through social media. It has been a valuable initiative adding to the enjoyment of a match day experience.


First Direct Arena Case Study

The First Direct Arena in the heart of Leeds is a world class entertainment venue that hosts live music, comedy, entertainment shows plus conferences, exhibitions and sporting events. The visitor experience is of paramount importance, yet due to high foot traffic and large entrance doors the building is subject to rapid tunneling of air, cold air ingress and conditioned air loss. Air curtain specialist Reznor provided a solution that effectively seals the building, making the environment more comfortable for staff and visitors while also contributing to lower running costs.


Long Rock Train Maintenance Depot

In 2014 the government announced a rail improvement project costing £146.6 million, which would see the Cornish rail network improved and a significant ‘Night Riviera’ sleeper service upgrade. Included in the improvements was a signaling system which was to be provided five years ahead of the original plan and the transfer of jobs to Long Rock train maintenance depot in Penzance following the closure of London’s old oak common depot as part of the HS2 – Crossrail super-hub interchange project.


Network Rail, Botanical Gardens Depot Case Study

Hull Botantical Gardens LMD is a fueling point that carries out train ‘A’ examinations overnight. The depot is staffed by six level five fitters and three maintenance assistants along with six cleaners based at the depot, with the night shift being the busiest and coldest shift. As the majority of the work is carried out overnight and large doorways remain open for long periods, operatives were working in single figure temperatures, particularly in the colder winter months.


Porter & Rye Case Study

When they launched their new top flight steak restaurant, Porter & Rye in Glasgow, owners Kained Holdings chose a natural, rustic look for the décor. However, an influx of cold air every time the door opened was definitely not on the menu. Reznor was called in to provide a HVAC solution that would keep draughts at bay and ensure a comfortable environment for diners.


Sambreville Fire Station Case Study

In December 2016, the fire service of Zone Val de Sambre celebrated the official opening of its new fire station in Sambreville, Belgium. It was the culmination of a 10 year and €6.7 million project. The new fire station has a large hall of 2400 m2 for the engines and vehicles, 2700 m2 of office space including the dispatch centre, a crisis control room and meeting rooms, along with a gym, a catering area and other facilities for the firefighters.


SEW Autodrive Case Study

Established in 1968, SEW Eurodrive has been based in Normanton, West Yorkshire since its formation so to move into a new premises was a daunting task. Now, based on a 10 acre site, still in Normanton, with a total area of 10,000 sq m, the new purpose built facility offers everything needed to be able to service the increasing demands of customers.


Tiger Trailers

Founded in 2014, Tiger Trailers is one of the UK’s leading trailer and bodywork manufacturers and is based in Winsford, Cheshire. Having grown significantly over a period of three years, the company quickly outgrew its original production facility requiring them to find new premises’. Construction of a new 14,400 sq. m factory for Tiger Trailers began in the summer of 2018 and will enable the company to double annual production output to around 3000 trailers and bodies creating a further 120 skilled jobs over the next three years.


University of Hull – New Sports Centre

Following a commitment to provide top class services and an ideal environment for its 16,000 students and 2500 employees, the University of Hull was looking to provide a brand new sports centre as part of a £16m investment. The sporting facilities were funded in part with a £500,000.00 donation from the premier league and FA facilities fund including the creation of a football hub.


Worcester Warriors Rugby Club Case Study

Worcester Warriors rugby club dates back to 1871 when they made their debut outing against the Worcester Artillery at Somerset Place. In recent years the club has managed to progress to a strong position and reach its long term ambition of successfully competing against Europe’s rugby elite.

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