The Warriors have taken one of their most significant steps to date in order to establish themselves as a successful Aviva Premiership club with the announcement that their indoor training facilities have undergone a major refurbishment ahead of a new season. Building work began at the west stand facilities which is used by the playing squad and coaching staff.  The improved facilities are amongst the best in the country, ensuring players have a first class base during the week and on match days.

“The redevelopment has given us a rugby facility which is amongst the best in English club rugby, something which will enable current and future players and back room staff to perform in a top-class working environment” said chief executive Jim O’Toole. “This continues to be a very exciting time for everyone involved with Worcester Warriors as we look to take this club forward both on and off the pitch.”

The club has installed a number of new facilities, including an elite player dressing room for match days, whilst having a separate dressing room for use in the week.

The indoor training centre will be upgraded to a plyometric 4G surface and will include a running track and sandpit for players undergoing rehabilitation.  Players will also see the unveiling of brand new cryotherapy, ice bath, sauna and resistance pool facilities.

The Nor-Ray-Vac systems were ideal for the redevelopment project of the indoor training centre as one of the major benefits to radiant heat is to be able to create an environment without stuffiness, in which occupants can exercise vigorously in complete comfort.  The Nor-Ray-Vac system was designed and implemented by contractors Peak Air Conditioning based in Cheshire, and provides blanket heat coverage of the training facility, eliminating any cold spots and has an estimated potential fuel saving of 36% over an equivalent warm air system.

The total system installed comprised 16 x 24LR burners suspended at 4.3m and 5.6m following the roof pitch, complete with ball guards and are arranged in two temperature zones controlled by Reznor SmartCom3 with just two discharge flue points.

When a Nor-Ray-Vac system is initially designed, Reznor considers the following criteria to form the basis of each particular design:

  • Heat loss of the building for the required thermal environment
  • Local climate conditions
  • Type of activity in the building
  • Specific architecture features relating to the structure

Benefits of Radiant Heat / Nor Ray Vac in Sports Facilities

  • Radiant tube heaters, mounted overhead, produce infrared radiant heat that is directed downward by a reflector.  The infrared heat passes through the air without heating it and falls on people, floors and equipment below by creating a comfortable all round radiant warmth at low level, without wastefully heating the whole volume of the building or the roof space
  • Achieves a comfortable environmental temperature with approx. 5°C lower air temperature, ideal for active sports
  • Eliminates condensation and moisture by directly heating walls and other surfaces
  • Radiant heat warms objects and surfaces, increasing the mean radiant temperature and reducing the body’s loss of heat to its surroundings. In addition by eliminating air movement, convective loss of heat from the body will also be reduced.
  • By heating without air movement, increases player comfort and is essential for badminton
  • Warms muscles prior to strenuous activity
  • Provides rapid response times to changed conditions.

Radiant tube space heating is proven to meet the HVAC challenge posed by sports halls, reducing fuel consumption without affecting comfort levels to deliver sustainable cost savings over the long term.