Introducing the Nova Energy Management System
Reznor has partnered with energy technology expert Pilot Group to enable owners and operators of Reznor heating products to optimise the use of our HVAC equipment, delivering of energy cost savings and Carbon footprint reduction.

Offering a new proposition to the market, Pilot Group’s revolutionary Energy Management System (EMS) will be supplied exclusively alongside Reznor’s industry-leading HVAC equipment to create the NOVA EMS.

Combining Reznor’s technically advanced unit and radiant heater ranges with Pilot Group’s intelligent system, which monitors, controls, and improves the performance of a building’s energy outputs, users can make their operations as efficient as possible.

The solution will be ideal for businesses who operate in industry buildings, out of town retail spaces, warehouses and factories, such as those working in the manufacturing sectors, who are looking to reduce their energy bills and enhance employee comfort.

Save up to 43%!

With Pilot Group’s EMS saving companies an average of 43% on their energy bills each year, the collaboration will provide businesses with a comprehensive, cost-effective heating system which can be controlled via smart technology.

Hardwiring energy management software into Reznor’s RHeco and Photon unit heaters, and Vision radiant heaters at the point of installation, the partnership offers UK businesses an opportunity to implement an all-in-one heating system.

As a result, the addition of the EMS creates a powerful combination for energy savings, with Reznor’s RHeco unit heaters proven to increase thermal efficiency of a business’ operations by up to 109 percent, as well as its Photon heaters delivering extended operational life with 4-pass heat exchanger technology.

Meanwhile, the company’s Vision radiant heater is up to 15 percent more effective than standard radiant tube heaters, delivering increased thermal efficiencies of up to 90 percent.

While businesses will see greater savings and have access to real-time energy data by including the NOVA EMS at the heater installation stage, it can also be retrofitted on to heaters which are already in use.

As a result, those who operate in industry buildings and large spaces, can immediately identify where savings can be made and can optimise their operations to deliver an efficient heating system which conserves energy year after year.

As Reznor offers the latest in HVAC technology, Pilot Group’s EMS compliments it by autonomously monitoring and controlling the system using smart sensors and a self-learning algorithm to enable it to work as efficiently as possible.

The EMS’ sensors are located around different zones within a building and feed data back to the central control panel, which is then communicated to the building’s heaters so they can change their action appropriately.

Compatible with Reznor products
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