Nor-Ray-Vac is back! Your favourite radiant heating product has returned

Yes you’ve read correctly! Your favourite original radiant heating product, Nor-Ray-Vac, is back on the market. Apologies to the imitators, but after a brief hiatus, we’ve taken the time to revamp and enhance the product, ensuring it meets all of your radiant heating needs with even greater efficiency and reliability.

What is Nor-Ray-Vac?

Nor-Ray-Vac is a gas fired continuous radiant tube heating system; and has long been the top choice for many industrial and commercial buildings. Tailor-made for buildings such as schools, sports halls, and low-energy warehouses, Nor-Ray-Vac is designed to deliver uniform heat coverage over a floor area or district zones. Its bespoke design ensures it meets the specific needs of your building and how your premises are managed.

What to expect from the new and improved Nor-Ray-Vac:

Improved efficiency and control: Featuring a modulating burner for improved efficiency, the new system provides improved comfort and enhanced running costs for the end-user. With its rapid response system burning fuel at the point of use, it can potentially save users up to 60% on heating costs compared to conventional systems.

Uniform heat coverage: With its continuous radiant tube design, Nor-Ray-Vac enables businesses to achieve more consistent and uniform heat coverage for their spaces. Not only does it provide aesthetic appeal, but it's also customisable to fit any building shape or size, offering an agile solution for businesses seeking consistent heat distribution.

Reduced noise levels: Boasting an impressive NR40 rating, the Nor-Ray-Vac system significantly reduces noise levels compared to alternative systems. This advanced feature enhances overall comfort, making it perfect for environments where maintaining a quiet atmosphere is crucial, such as school and sports halls.

Longevity: The filtered burner air inlet of the system ensures that the burner head and components remain clean. This design feature helps maintain optimal performance and prolongs the lifespan of Nor-Ray-Vac.

Easy to install: The system's larger rated burner, combined with an increased number of burners per fan, results in fewer flue points. This configuration enhances efficiency and simplifies the installation process, compared with competitor offerings.

Who are radiant heating solutions great for? 

Our range of high-efficiency radiant tube heaters deliver exceptional performance in terms of efficiency and reduction of energy costs. The Nor-Ray-Vac system can save end-users up to 60% on heating expenses compared to conventional heating systems. These heaters are ideal for large open spaces such as:

  • Aircraft hangers 
  • Garages and showrooms 
  • Greenhouses 
  • Museums 
  • Low energy factories and warehouses 
  • Non-food distribution centres 
  • Train maintenance depots
  • Sports halls/tennis centres 
  • Superstore retail outlets. 
  • + more! 

Excited to learn more about Nor-Ray-Vac? Take advantage of our free bespoke design service, by getting in touch with our team or download our guide to read more.

Whether it's for large open spaces like aircraft hangars or sports halls, or more specialised environments like museums or train maintenance depots, the relaunch of Nor-Ray-Vac, offers a range of benefits. From enhanced efficiency and uniform heat coverage to reduced noise levels and ease of installation. Explore more about Nor-Ray-Vac and radiant heating solutions here

What our previous customers thought…

Long Rock Train Maintenance Depot

“The Nor-Ray-Vac system provides even heat coverage throughout the building, with rapid warm up time and low noise operation. All Nor-Ray-Vac systems modulate down to 50% of high fire and not only more closely matches the thermal needs of the dynamic situation but also provides greater occupancy comfort at lower operating costs which is a major benefit to the end user.”
- Read the full case study here
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