Pilot Group teams with Reznor in Unique Partnership to deliver energy savings for businesses nationwide

A UNIQUE industry collaboration between sustainable technology expert, Pilot Group, and global heating equipment manufacturer, Reznor, is set to save UK businesses millions of pounds a year on their energy bills.

Offering a new proposition to the market, Pilot Group’s revolutionary Energy Management System (EMS) will be supplied exclusively alongside Reznor’s industry-leading HVAC equipment to create the NOVA EMS.

Combining Reznor’s technically advanced unit and radiant heater ranges with Pilot Group’s intelligent system, which monitors, controls, and improves the performance of a building’s energy outputs, users can make their operations as efficient as possible.

The solution will be ideal for businesses who operate in industry buildings, out of town retail spaces, warehouses and factories, such as those working in the manufacturing sectors, who are looking to reduce their energy bills and enhance employee comfort.

With Pilot Group’s EMS saving companies an average of 43% on their energy bills each year, the collaboration will provide businesses with a comprehensive, cost-effective heating system which can be controlled via smart technology.

Pilot Group, based in Manchester, and Reznor’s European Headquarters, based in the West Midlands, formed the partnership in a bid to help businesses rise to the challenge of costly energy bills.

Hardwiring energy management software into Reznor’s RHeco and Photon unit heaters, and Vision radiant heaters at the point of installation, the partnership offers UK businesses an opportunity to implement an all-in-one heating system.

As a result, the addition of the EMS creates a powerful combination for energy savings, with Reznor’s RHeco unit heaters proven to increase thermal efficiency of a business’ operations by up to 109 percent, as well as its Photon heaters delivering extended operational life with 4-pass heat exchanger technology.

Meanwhile, the company’s Vision radiant heater is up to 15 percent more effective than standard radiant tube heaters, delivering increased thermal efficiencies of up to 90 percent.

While businesses will see greater savings and have access to real-time energy data by including the NOVA EMS at the heater installation stage, it can also be retrofitted on to heaters which are already in use.

As a result, those who operate in industry buildings and large spaces, can immediately identify where savings can be made and can optimise their operations to deliver an efficient heating system which conserves energy year after year.

Nova EMS brings on average 43% customer cost and carbon savings  

As Reznor offers the latest in HVAC technology, Pilot Group’s EMS compliments it by autonomously monitoring and controlling the system using smart sensors and a self-learning algorithm to enable it to work as efficiently as possible.

The EMS’ sensors are located around different zones within a building and feed data back to the central control panel, which is then communicated to the building’s heaters so they can change their action appropriately.

Additionally, users can assess this data, which is backed up to the cloud, and implement strategies to reduce their energy outputs such as reducing them during off-peak times, with access available via the control panel or remotely from their smartphone or laptop.

Having invested more than £500K into its EMS division last year, Pilot Group’s EMS saved UK companies more than £1 million in energy costs during the past 12 months.

When combined with Reznor’s heaters, the EMS could provide companies with energy savings which would see the cost of the system paid back within a matter of years.

Lee Morgan, EMS Managing Director at Pilot Group, commented: “Reznor are at the forefront of the HVAC industry in terms of their technology, and so are a natural fit for Pilot Group’s EMS.

“Over the past 12 months there has been little relief from the price of energy bills and understandably the cost of these will give business owners sleepless nights as they look to make ends meet.

“This partnership is designed to stop that from happening by offering users a unique proposition with an all-encompassing system which will pro-actively work to reduce its energy output and deliver the savings which can be achieved.”

Richard Leese, Managing Director at Reznor: "Innovation is in our DNA at Reznor. Since 1888 we have consistently evolved to provide solutions to our customers that really deliver against their real-life business needs.  Reduction and conservation of energy usage is a key for many businesses right now, and the selection of the right HVAC technology for each working environment is extremely important.

“So, the synergy is clear, this partnership with Pilot Group and their sophisticated energy management expertise means we can further increase the energy efficiency of the HVAC solutions we supply.

“We’re excited to see this partnership go from strength to strength, but what’s more, we’re excited to help organisations across the UK meet their energy challenges head on.”

With a turnover of £45million and 160 employees, Pilot Group’s offer is focused on achieving carbon reduction and energy efficiency through the provision of energy management systems, electric vehicle charging points and traffic control systems.

Founded in 1888 in Mercer, Pennsylvania, Reznor delivers sustainable HVAC products and solutions to improve work environments in which people work and live in. In 2014 the company was acquired by Nortek Inc.

For more information visit https://www.thepilotgroup.co.uk/ or https://reznor.eu/nova/

Nova EMS is compatible with Reznor products

About The Pilot Group 

Pilot Group is helping pave the way towards a carbon neutral future.  Specialists in energy management and intelligent heating controls, it supports organisations across the UK to accelerate their journey towards net zero, whilst achieving a return on investment.

Formed in Manchester in 1992, Pilot Group have proudly installed their energy management system in thousands of businesses across the UK in industries such as manufacturing, logistics and many more.  With years of experience, the knowledge has led to an average saving of 43% for businesses on their gas heating consumption.

Its clients range from SMEs to big brand names like National Rail, DPD and Selco amongst many others.

For more information, visit: https://www.thepilotgroup.co.uk/ 


About Reznor

Reznor: delivers sustainable HVAC products and solutions that improve the environments in which we live and work. For well over a century, Reznor have been trusted to exceed our customers’ expectations by delivering effective and economical products and solutions through expertise, partnership and innovation.

Reznor offers the widest and most complete range of HVAC products in the market. Its extensive product range and wealth of knowledge allows the company to work with our customers to design the most efficient HVAC solutions to meet their unique requirements.

For more information visit: www.reznor.co.uk/about-us

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