Expert Guide to Warm Air Heating Systems: Applications and Products

Warm air heating systems have been a staple in various industries and residential settings for decades, with some top brands offering high-efficiency, sustainability and even cost-savings on your heating bills. In this guide, we dive into the intricacies of warm air heating systems, exploring their definition, diverse applications across industries and their benefits to help you make informed decisions about choosing the right heating solution for your business needs.

Definition of Warm Air Heating Systems:

Warm air heating systems distribute heated air throughout a space via ductwork and vents. These systems typically consist of a heat exchanger, which draws in the air from outdoors and heats it up, then circulating it back through ducts to be released into various rooms, maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures. Warm air heating systems are a great option for industrial or commercial buildings.

Applications for Warm Air Heating Systems:

Commercial Buildings: Many commercial buildings, including offices and retail spaces, rely on warm air heating systems for efficient heating. These systems can be customised to suit the specific heating needs of large spaces, ensuring comfort for occupants while optimising energy efficiency.

Industrial Facilities: Industries such as manufacturing factories, warehouses, and production facilities often utilise warm air heating systems to maintain optimal working conditions. These systems are capable of heating large areas quickly and efficiently, contributing to enhanced productivity and worker comfort.

Educational Settings: Schools, sports halls and other educational settings can benefit from the versatility of warm air heating systems. They provide reliable heating throughout different areas of these facilities, ensuring a comfortable environment for students and staff members.

Benefits of Warm Air Heating Systems:

Efficient Heating: Warm air heating systems can quickly and effectively heat spaces, providing comfort during cold weather conditions.

Even Distribution: Through ductwork and vents, warm air is evenly distributed throughout the building, eliminating cold spots and ensuring consistent warmth.

Compatibility with Air Conditioning: Many warm air heating systems can be integrated with air conditioning units, offering both heating and cooling capabilities for year-round comfort.

Cost-Effective: Compared to other heating options, warm air heating systems can be cost-effective to install and operate, especially in larger buildings or spaces.

Improved Air Quality: Advanced filtration options can be integrated into warm air heating systems, improving indoor air quality by removing dust, allergens, and other pollutants.

Flexibility: These systems offer flexibility in terms of fuel options, such as natural gas, propane, or electricity, allowing users to choose the most suitable option based on availability and cost.

Customisation: Modern warm air heating systems can be customised with features such as zoning controls, allowing users to adjust heating levels in different areas of the building independently. For example, the Nova EMS smart energy management system is perfect for site managers wanting singular or multi-site energy control and monitoring, all from one place. The system monitors, controls, and improves the performance of a building’s energy outputs and is compatible with Reznor’s warm air heaters RHeco and Photon range.

Find out more about the Nova EMS energy management system here.

Warm Air Heating products available

RHeco range of suspended gas-fired warm air heaters

In times of rapidly increasing energy costs, reducing energy consumption makes sense both financially and environmentally since this also significantly reduces CO2 emissions. The RHeco units exceed the requirements of current Building Regulations L2, with thermal efficiencies up to 109% to provide exceptional levels of seasonal efficiency.

Our condensing low NOX ultra-efficient RHeco range of suspended gas fired unit heaters are ideal for new carbon low buildings, or organisations looking to provide even heat whilst reducing emissions. The RHeco range is an economical choice and can repay the extra initial cost in fuel savings in 2-4 years depending on usage.

Find out more and purchase here

Photon Range of Warm Air Heaters

Our Photon range of suspended gas-fired heaters provides reliable operation and simple servicing. In addition, the Photon can reduce operating costs whilst the extended operational life of the heat exchanger ensures that the units provide the lowest long term cost benefits. 

The features and benefits include:

• Fully pre-mixed blown gas modulating burner​

• High thermal efficiency and long life expectancy with the 4 pass type aluminised steel heat exchanger

• Easy installation with less connections needed

Find out more and purchase here


Warm air heating systems continue to be a popular choice for industrial and commercial spaces, offering efficient heating solutions with their unique mechanisms. By understanding their definition and diverse applications, individuals and businesses can make informed decisions when selecting heating systems tailored to their specific requirements.

Are you looking for a bespoke industrial heating solution?

At Reznor, we have a highly-experienced team of in-house designers and engineers, who can work with your industrial or commercial space and create a heating solution suited to your business. Request a bespoke design for warm air heating in your space, which include drawings, quotes and a site visit if applicable.

At Reznor we are here to support the HVAC industry with all of the tools you need in one place. But if you do have a query, our FAQ’s area will be sure to have the answers you need.

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