You've heard it correctly.

The Nor-Ray-Vac is back!

Your favourite radiant heating product has returned.
Nor-Ray-Vac is back!
What to expect from the new system:
  • Modulating Burner for improved efficiency and control, provides improved comfort and running cost savings for end user.
  • Better uniformed heat coverage with continuous radiant tube.
  • Aesthetically pleasing continuous radiant tube, bespoke design to suit building shape and size.
  • Filtered burner air inlet which helps keep the burner head / components clean.
  • NR40 rating means that noise levels are a major USP compared to other systems.
  • Larger rated burner, plus more burners per fan = less flue points.
  • Up to 84m long continuous tube, ideal for use in rail sheds and aircraft hangars or other large open spaces.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Easy to install (compared to alternatives and competitors' offerings).
  • Suitable for school halls, sports halls due to noise rating.
For more information read the Nor-Ray-Vac brochure
For more information read the Nor-Ray-Vac brochure here

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