January 1st, 2018, the Eco-design directive will come into effect. Find out more here.

Commercial kitchens have a large amount of extracted air that requires replacement.

Office buildings have high density areas (conference rooms) and regular density as well as exhaust makeup air requirements for indoor air quality.

Большие пространства салона (автомобильной, мебельной и т.д.) являются превосходными кандидатами для Резнора продукции.

Large sports facilities need both comfort conditioning as well as fresh air ventilation for a healthy environment.

Reznor products have been providing reliable heating, ventilation and cooling to Industrial Manufacturing for over 75 years.

Транспорт семинары для автобусов, поездов и самолетов создают уникальные задачи проектирования для поддержания комфортных условий в пространстве.