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Reznor and CA Group have joined forces in a strategic alliance to provide clients with a truly renewable and financially-viable solution in their drive to increase building efficiency, reduce costs and carbon emissions.

The perforated Transpired Solar Collector system unites Reznor's extensive range of energy efficient space heating equipment with CA Group’s SolarWall® metal solar cladding system to create an innovative, fully integrated solution which delivers in both the environment and on the balance sheet.
The SolarWall® and the heating systems work together to harness the solar energy and fulfil the building’s heating needs.
The system consists of a perforated, cladding for industrial and commercial buildings that captures the warmth from solar radiation and uses it to both heat and ventilate a building.
Thousands of tiny perforations uniformly spaced across the absorber are crucial to the system’s performance and efficiency. As sunlight strikes the surface of the SolarWall® and is absorbed, solar heat conducts to the thermal boundary layer of air which lines the outer surface of the panel. This boundary layer of air is then drawn into a nearby perforation before the heat can escape by convection, virtually eliminating heat loss from the surface of the plate. This simple, yet critical, innovation makes the SolarWall® perforated Transpired Solar Collector by far the most efficient in its field.


SolarWall® performance facts

  • Simple, low-cost renewable energy technology that has been proven to provide over 20% of a building’s total energy requirement
  • ‘Merton Rule’ compliant in the vast majority of cases (delivering 20% contribution to renewables targets)
  • Harnesses maximum solar radiation at a fraction of the cost of alternative solar systems
  • SolarWall® Collectors available CarbonNeutral with Corus Confidex Sustain®
  • Has been proven to reduce heating costs by up to 64%
  • Payback as low as 3 years on new build projects
  • With no moving parts the transpired solar collector is maintenance-free
  • Recovers embodied energy within the first year of operation
  • Reduces summer solar heat gain.

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